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Before anything else, I'd like to apologize for not updating you guys on my REAL TALK Series especially since I had announced a schedule in my previous post. I'd like to let you know that I am still going to work on that but not as regularly as I originally planned. I feel guilty about not getting the Series started properly but I needed to give myself time to relax and gather my thoughts again.

You see, I started 2017 with a lot of ambition but what I didn't realize was that had started to pressure myself so much that I ended up in a bad slump last month. With all these things I wanted to do, I felt like something was starting to clog up in my heart so while I tried to write the first post of my series, I couldn't fully express the ideas that I wanted to talk about in the first place.

It was frustrating but I had to let go and just go back to creating without worrying about what to post on my blog or how an image should look like on my IG for a little while.

Best thing for me to do during these kinds of moments was to go out and meet friends. Kept drawing but just updated via IG stories where I didn't have to pressure myself to take a pretty picture all the time.

Met up with Chrissy to help her review Watercolor Basics
Back to studies
Also, started to try acrylics and took on a personal challenge to paint 8 paintings on one sheet of watercolor paper

Sorry I don't have so many photos of what I did during that period of time. This was because I wanted to focus on experiencing rather than documenting.

Being open to new people and new experiences definitely helped me to get my head back into a better frame of mind. Allowing myself to make a mess was freeing and relaxing as well.

The pressures of wanting to do well and do things right is part of my personality. I consider this one of my strengthens but it also can hinder me from just doing what I plan. I also have worries and insecurities to battle with but every time I seem to fall into that spiral of self-doubt... a part of me starts wanting to keep trying.

At times like this, I am reminded to be gentle with myself and to give myself time to rest. I'm still growing and learning after all. There is no shame in being confused and scared while I'm still figuring out my path. In the end, sometimes it takes little fear to get us up and running in the first place.

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