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TAMPISAW Workshop with Sir Edbon Sevilleno

I attended a 3 day workshop last January 27-29, 2017. I found out about the workshop from Aika who had been part of the first batch of students. Since I was in a slump around that time, the workshop was exciting news to me. Learning new things usually helped me when I find myself in a bad rut creatively.

I am proudly part of the 2nd batch of students for this workshop

I am an avid workshop attendee but this was the first time I was attending something that lasted for 3 days. Each day I either refined what I had already learned before or found a new approach to painting.

I’ll try to walk you through what happened during those days to the best of my memory (since I’m writing this nearly a month after).

Silhouette | Tonal Value | Landscape

After discussing the tools of the trade, first thing we tackled was an exercise on silhouettes and composition. Sir Edbon demonstrated and explained while we followed along. 

I was a bit confused at first because I thought we were painting a silhouette of two boats when it was suppose to be two small islands connected by a makeshift bridge. 

My 1st output from the workshop
(TOP) First attempt | (BOTTOM) Second Attempt to loosen up more

I struggled a bit with the first few washes since the water and the paint wasn’t moving the way I wanted it to. It was nice to be reminded though of tonal values and planning your composition before starting a painting.  

Next up was painting a more intricate landscape. Here I learned about how scratching the paper and splattering can add interesting texture to the painting. Something frustrated me though that after finishing my first painting, I went on to experiment with another while the rest finished up their own work.

Still Art | Abstract

I had realized how I was rather stiff with my painting yesterday. So after we discussed tonal values I decided to do a quick freehand study before moving on to what was going to be my final piece for the Still Art activity.

(TOP) Study | (BOTTOM) WIP of the final artwork
Study and final peice side by side

I definitely felt more at ease with my application after we ended the morning lesson.

After lunch we went back to work, this time we explored Abstract Expressionism. Sir Ed explained how composition and colors played a role in the artform giving a bit more foundation to my understanding of what painting an abstract entails.

For his demo, Sir Ed had made pre-cut shapes for the students to arrange on their paper as they like. I decided from the get go that I rather work with freehand. I was itching to experiment with a more candy like palette as well.

Effect of the Molding Paste and Gold Acrylic on my abstract piece

It was nice that Sir Ed let me deviate and gave me suggestions how to improve my composition. One really cool thing we got to use was Modeling Paste. Sir went around and helped everyone apply the medium on their paper then he would scrape over the goo to make textures we can paint on once it dries.

I had fun with this one. When I got home, I added in some gold acrylic to put the final touch on the artwork.

Pleinair Painting

We met up in the morning at the Negros Meseum before we headed to a private property nearby. The place felt like we had gone out to the countryside but in fact we were still in the city. The breeze from the sea nearby was really nice. It wasn’t too hot either so it was a really nice day to paint.

Once we settled down, Sir Edbon gave a quick demo for plein air painting. 

Quick tonal and composition study
Sir Edbon's set up for his Pleinair demo

We stayed there for the entire day just chilling and painting. It was nice that we also had a sort of picnic there for lunch. I had fun observing the greenery around the area as well as the overall relaxing feel of the place.

While taking a break from painting I sketched my fellow participants
It was fun to paint the reflections
I kept thinking of Ghibli films while painting this one

It was starting to get darker when we finished up our day. There was a small ceremony where they gave us certificates for attending the workshop. There was also a raffle to win the paintings Sir had created during his demos.

At the end of the day, everyone was able to bring home a certificate and a painting with them.

I won the painting Sir Edbon did for the first day | Photo by Tey Sevilleno
TAMPISAW WORKSHOP BATCH 2 | Photo by Tey Sevilleno

The biggest realization I had during the workshop is how much of an illustrator I am compared to being a painter.

Illustrations require a certain level of detailing so working with a more expressive painterly style had frustrated me at first. I sometimes ended up painting twice just to loosen up and work off the frustration I felt.

But it was a challenge I was excited to face.

The workshop reminded me of the importance of leaving white spaces as well as having tonal values in my work. The three days was made more enjoyable by the people around me. Met new art friends and a good mentor and sometimes that’s all you can ask for when you are still on your art journey.

By the way! If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings I made on this blog, send me an email at

Workshop Set Up at the Negros Museum for Day 1 & 2
Introductions on the first day
Sir Edbon's demo piece for the Landscape exercise on Day 1
Reviewing tonal values
Sir Ed during his Still Life Demo on Day 2
My finished pleinair paintings for Day 3
My workspace during Day 3

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