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HELLO, 2017! + Introducing the REAL TALK Series

Happy New Year, Guys!

Once again we find ourselves back to the month of January --- a month of beginnings and resolutions. How many of you have already made promises to yourself for the year? Or are you the type not to make any? Whether or not you're a fan of resolutions, I think we can agree that each of us wants to make something of the next 365 days.

As an artist, I've struggled with staying productive and staying inspired. I'm sure I'm not the only one. As the New Year approached, I wondered what I could talk about that might help out people out to make their 2017 worthwhile. Looking back at how I had obsessed over becoming more efficient in my working habits in recent years one subject came to mind: How to be productive and maintain it. 

I started to outline what I wanted to share about this topic but I soon realized that one blog post wouldn't be enough. To compile everything into one post would mean I'd lose out on the chance to expound on certain points I think would be important to share. This lead me to think of making a making a series of posts or videos instead not just to talk about productivity but also different things.

The REAL TALK series will be my way of sharing insights and opinions on different themes or topics.

I wanted a space on my blog where I could just share what I had been able to learn and to exchange ideas or experiences with you guys. Topics could range from advice to realizations or sharing new ideas. As for a schedule, I'm aiming to write about this every two weeks starting next week until I feel I've shared at least the basics of what has worked for me.

If you have a topic in mind you'd want me to tackle or something to check out just let me know! I'd be happy to look over things and give my perspective.

Let's capitalize on the feeling of a fresh start that New Year brings and get things done this 2017!

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