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Demo at MAKE BCD

The demo took place last November 26 at the newly opened MAKE ARTS AND CRAFTS

It was a casual affair. Nothing too heavy since I wanted to show people that watercolor is not such a terrifying medium to learn. Watercolor does have its complexities but the basic techniques are always the same.

Once you learn the basics by heart, it’s only a matter of how you apply it and in what order.

At the beginning of the demo, I noticed that most of the audience were too shy to ask questions but since most of them stayed to listen, I knew they were definitely interested. I’m the type of person who likes to engage in conversation. It helps me connect to people more and get a feel of what they would like to learn. Since I couldn’t coax them to tell me their thoughts I opted to let them play with my paints at the end of my demo.


I began my demo with a quick run through of materials

Once I let them experiment by themselves, their natural curiosity just took over!

People will always be drawn to art whether as a viewer or as a creator. Sometimes all they need is a bit of guidance and some space to test out what they had just heard. Making that knowledge available to them helps people have confidence with their first step to explore something unknown. For me, this is one of the magical things about introducing a new medium. 

Ah! Before I forget, I really must give a shout out to Erika, the owner of MAKE, for being such a sweetheart and letting me demo at her store. We had met earlier this year and we just clicked. She is a crafter and painter by her own right so she has the passion for the arts as well. As someone who would love to also have her own art related business one day, I admire what she is doing in Bacolod now. There are a precious few places to shop for art supplies and craft materials here so her store is a slice of heaven for creative souls <3

Teaching is something I find comfortable doing so it was a relaxing day for me. Having friends coming to support me along added to the pleasure of the day. It was nice to catch up and introduce different groups of friends to each other! I even had a chance to reconnect with people I haven’t seen in years.

I am hoping this is just the first of many watercolor demonstrations. Excited for what the future has in store.

My dear friend Chrissy vlogged about the demo that day! I don’t know why but when it’s not my vlog I like make faces at the camera

My notebooks and artworks were displayed beside me

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