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First Blog Post! + How life has been these past few months

Hullo ~

I’m excited to finally have a small space on the interweb to call my own. Special shout out to my good friend, Dee Sapalo, who had helped me streamline my ideas and set up my site. Wouldn’t have been able to do this without him!

I have quite a number of hopes for this space. But for the next few months, I want to concentrate on making content or designs that is close to my heart. Things I think I would have needed to hear or know back when I started out my own artistic journey.

I would be so happy if my little lessons and musings help anyone with what they are going through. So, here’s to the future!

But for now, let’s get you up to speed.

What I’ve Been Busy With

My YouTube Channel

A few months ago, I was inspired by my friend Chrissy to start a YouTube channel. It became my way of staying productive when I didn’t want to draw or paint. It also helped me polish skills I had learned from college.  Right now, it’s a struggle to upload consistently but I do want to improve on that once I have a steady schedule in place.

So far, my most viewed video is this review and demo I filmed of White Nights Watercolor. People who left comments really made my day. It was nice to know what I made was helpful to them. I do hope to add more reviews and helpful things to my channel soon. Hopefully, I can finish filming most of them this month!



Workshops and Demos

Last year, I had decided to leave my first job as a professor in Benilde’s Animation faculty. I had been teaching there since 2012 but I had felt it was time for me to get to know industry I am part of more intimately. I learned a lot of things since then but I could not deny that teaching is a part of me.

So, this is the year I started to give watercolor workshops.


My Floral Watercolor Class at Prism Gallery last August 20, 2016.

My Floral Watercolor Class at Prism Gallery in Makati last August 20, 2016. | Photo by Kani Villaflor


I’ve conducted three workshops and presented two demos so far. Small steps but still steps in the direction I do want to pursue. Maybe I’ll blog about my experiences setting up my workshops one day! Would you be interested in that?


Announcement for my Demo at the newly opened MAKE ART AND CRAFTS Store in Robinson's Bacolod

Announcement for my Demo at the newly opened MAKE ART AND CRAFTS Store in Robinson’s Bacolod



Launching My First Notebook Collection!

STARTING POINT - 2016 Notebook Collection

My Bestselling Notebook Design

My Bestseller!

This has been my year long project.

I started after being inspired by the small notebooks Marcela Suller had designed two years ago and wanted to take a shot at it too. I asked for her advice and also did my own research on suppliers and printers. Since January this year, I had been battling with procrastination and self-doubt to bring this project to life but when I finally received my first batch of 35 notebooks… I was hooked.

This is one of the things I tried this year that just felt right to me. Something that I could see myself doing over and over again. I launched this collection at the November Komikon last November 19-20, 2016 and have started to sell them at bazaars in Bacolod. I feel encouraged by the warm reception my notebooks has gotten from friends, family, and even strangers.  I’m currently planning to design two more collections for next year after I sell all my stocks during this Christmas season.



Adjusting Back to Life in Bacolod

I had moved to Manila for college in 2008. Soon after graduating, I started working at my Alma Mater part time as a professor. Without realizing it, I had already spent 8 years away from home.

Life after college was a period of realizations and anxiety inducing reality checks. I won’t go into details but during these recent years I feel like I’ve finally “woken up to be part of the world” so to speak. Going through that time made me look back as well as look ahead. One thing that was constant when I was reflecting what to do with my life was that I wanted to do something back in my hometown. I wanted to bring the things I learned or got inspired from to the art community here.

“Be the person you needed when you were younger.”

– Ayesha Siddiqi

What I want to bring to Bacolod is a place for people to explore art with more ease than I had as a kid. I am lucky to live during a time that art and crafts has started to appeal to more people allowing a better resources for knowledge and supplies. There is still much to do to make it better accessible and I want to do my part.

Even if I was born here, think I’m a newbie to the Bacolod art scene. I have much to learn but that’s part of the fun of it. So right now, I’m just slowly trying to take root again while still keeping in mind my hopes for the future.



Well… that’s it for now!

Thank you again for reading and welcome to my blog <3

~ Kara L.

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